About the Company

Athena Halcyon Industrial OPC is a mechanical + environmental solutions contractor and Stock Corporation registered under the Security and Exchange Commission. With Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Equipment Fabrication as its core specialties, the company offers a range of services to accommodate industries in need of pollution mitigation and environmental compliance. The corporation is a rebirth of it's parent company, Edgwick Machine Works, which has a history of commissioning more than a hundred Air Pollution Control Facilities and Wastewater Treatment Facilities combined nationwide. In addition to mechanical + environmental contracting, AHI also offers Mechanical and Environmental consultancy and design with specialization in Industrial Machineries and Fire Protection Systems.

Our Story

Athena Halcyon Industrial OPC, though registered as a corporation just this 2021, is in fact, 60 years in the making. From our humble roots coming from a small machine shop in Caloocan established by Tan Han Chin in the 60's which makes Noodle Machines to serve restaurants in Binondo, to Edgwick Machine Works, a machine fabrication company for the Plastic Recycling Industry in Valenzuela City established by Tan Han Chin's youngest son, Edmundo Gallardo, to Athena Halcyon, an environmental and engineering solutions company currently established by Engr. Chelzea Gallardo, Tan Han Chin's granddaughter, the lineage of professional work ethic and quality manifests through our mechanical designs and projects.

Our Mission

Athena Halcyon Industrial OPC exists to lead the mitigation of environmental pollution and win the fight against consumer, urbanization, technological and industrial induced environmental degradation through design, commissioning and compliance.

Acknowledging that pollution mitigation is vital for sustainability, Athena Halcyon will pave the way for industries to instill awareness and accountability for the environment.

To help the prevention of Environmental Degradation

Our Vision

Athena Halcyon Industrial OPC will be a leading Environmental Solutions company, creating a better, more environmentally responsible and sustainable industrial sector of the country.

Our Core Values

We values great work ethic, focus, fast paced project timelines, environmental awareness and conviction for change.